TOKYO SGG CLUB, or TSGG, is a member of a nation-wide volunteer network organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). We provide free guided walking tours in Asakusa, Ueno Park, Yanaka, and the Imperial Palace East Gardens areas in English. Come join us on a tour of Tokyo spots!
SGG stands for Systematized Goodwill Guide.

Free guided tours


About us

Along with free guided walking tours, we offer a variety of information at our service centers as well as guided tours of the museums listed below. Please drop by to meet our volunteer members and get the latest travel tips.

> Service Centers:

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center (TOKYO SGG CLUB Head Office) map
Tourist Information Center (JNTO) map
Information Center Plat Tsukiji map

> Guided tours of museums:

Shitamachi Museum map
ASAKURA Museum of Sculpture map

Tokyo Systematized Goodwill Guide Club(TOKYO SGG CLUB or TSGG)

February 26, 1983
Offering foreign tourist various information and guided tours for free
Type of organization:
Nonprofit volunteer organization
164 as of April 2019
Main Affiliations:
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Taito City Office